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Our People

Baraza opened May 2019 with the intention of creating a new, exciting meeting place for the thriving yoga scene in Lisbon. The founders Alex du Toit and Ruby Morris met earlier in the year after Alex began missing her local studio back in her native Cape Town and began searching for teachers to collaborate with. Bonding over their mutual love of strong, dynamic yoga classes, beautiful aesthetics and bringing people together they founded Baraza Yoga in Santos, Lisboa.



Our experienced and enthusiastic team of teachers deliver classes seven days a week in a range of styles, but all share the mutual intention of providing strong, feel good and inclusive yoga classes where experienced yogis and complete beginners can feel comfortable but always challenged.

Baraza is a place of growth and community, our doors are open to teachers from all over the world to share their unique perspectives and fresh ideas on the practice. We are committed to providing frequent events, workshops, talks and trainings, which will be beneficial and relevant for teachers, students, locals and tourists alike.


Ruby’s Yoga teaching journey started three years ago in India and she has continued to study and practice with different teachers from all over the world since. An eternal student she loves to learn and keep an open mind. Ruby’s classes are thoughtfully sequenced to ensure each class works the whole body in a fun but challenging way. Music, creative flows and varied, technical cues enable students to feel fully immersed in the experience of their practice. Follow Ruby @boa.onda.yoga


Juliana started her yoga journey 10 years ago in Sydney, Australia and has been practicing, learning, and teaching yoga ever since. Originally from New Zealand, Juliana offers an engaging, challenging, fun, and enthusiastic teaching style which radiates positive energy and warmth from the moment you step into her class. Juliana’s classes always focus on the importance of alignment, mindfulness, and breath, and getting back to the foundations of the practice. Expect strong, well-paced classes creatively sequenced to a mixture of traditional and not so traditional music. No two classes will ever be the same.


Marina’s teachings infuse her love of movement and music, and her desire to create an environment where her students can explore and find play in the yoga practice. Marina teaches dynamic classes that will leave you feeling invigorated and strong. Her training ranges  from Vinyasa, Rocket Yoga, Mandala Flow and anything that can make you feel good connecting to your body and your breath. Follow Marina @marinad31


Erin is a yoga teacher from Los Angeles, California. As her yoga journey progressed, she traveled to Rishikesh, India to complete her Yoga Teacher Training. She has spent the past decade traveling the world teaching and learning about yoga, meditation and healing therapies. She passionately believes yoga and meditation cultivate an abundance positive energy into people’s lives and hopes her students leave class feeling peaceful, centered + connected with themselves and the world around them.


Growing up dancing, Faye became aware of the mind-body connection at a young age and has had some form of movement in her life ever since. She trained at a traditional school in India and loves deepening her knowledge through immersions and self-study. Faye believes yoga is for everyone and it holds tools for living a healthy and happy life. Her classes combine fluid movement with breath as well as longer holds to build on both strength and flexibility. There will always be variations, so that everyone can feel challenged and empowered by their practice. You will leave feeling relaxed, energised and stretched throughout the whole body. 


Miki is a highly qualified yoga teacher, with more than 10 years of experience. After teaching at the best yoga studios of Paris and Budapest he moved to Lisbon in 2019 to grow his community.
He started his career as a professional swimmer and fitness trainer winning multiple awards. But finishing his Yoga Teacher Training completely changed his life.
Always with a positive mind, Miki is connecting the traditional vinyasa flow to the elements of tai chi, qi gong and the different energy phases of the Traditional Chinese Medicine. He believes in a functional training system that balances physical and mental strength with a spiritual experience at the same time.
Miki is now passionate about bringing positive energy and happiness into people’s life through his practice. Follow Miki  @trainwithmiki​


Sanna’s classes are focused around the importance of the mind-body-breath connection, and always with intention to provide a strong functional foundation for the practice. As a dancer Sanna loves to get creative and funky with her sequences with added playful physical challenges.

Sanna has been teaching yoga nearly 10 years and as a  professional ballet dancer it’s been part of her home practice even longer. Yoga always carried an important role after injuries during her dance career by teaching her some self acceptance and inner happiness -trust in the journey. 




Deepa began teaching yoga in 2013 after completing a 200hr training with Ana Forrest. She teaches a strong, Forrest inspired practice, focusing on deep breath and connection to the core. She encourages yogis to go deeper in a way that is free of struggle, inviting spaciousness and freedom within the body and mind. As a Remedial and Therapeutic Massage Therapist, Deepa has a special interest in human anatomy and working with injury and pain. She incorporates a range of techniques, including myofascial release, trigger point therapy and craniosacral therapy. Follow Deepa @deepaliving