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Bodyawareness: Pilates with Ingrid ~ 9 June

We are so happy to announce that Ingrid Marchais (@ingrid_bodyawareness), the most exciting Pilates teacher from Paris will be joining us at Baraza Sunday 9th June at 11.30am for a special class.

If you’re interested in intelligent movement, want to discover more about joint mobilization and learn techniques that will benefit your yoga practice (and so much more), then come join us! Her enthusiasm and passion for Pilates is contagious, so expect to leave feeling energized, informed and sweaty!

Come check out Ingrid’s fun, flowing class next Sunday 9/6 at 11.30am for €12. Then hang out in our cool (we have air conditioning!) studio and enjoy some well deserved snacks.

Book here via MINDBODY  app

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