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BARAZA BASICS: Every Monday this September

During the month of September our Monday morning 8.30 am class will be lead by the incredibly talented Deepa Bidd.

Deepa will guide you through a 5 week basics course offering an opportunity for you, the newbie yogi, the chance to develop an understanding of key poses and transitions, learning how to make your practice both functional and feel good, ensuring you start your yoga journey on the right foot. 

An in-depth knowledge and appreciation of the basics of yoga is essential for building a strong, safe and developed practice.

Over the course of the 5 weeks we will build upon the following foundational elements of asana practice:

  1. Breath awareness

  2. Core strength

  3. Sun Salutations & Transitions

  4. Inversion prep

  5. Standing poses

You can choose to attend all classes, or just come to the ones that interest you more. The classes are part of your regular monthly pass, or any class pack that you currently have active. Otherwise the 5 classes can be bought under our 5 Class Pack 40€ option, a great way to see in September.

When: Monday 8.30am from 2nd – 30th September 2019.

Book via the MINDBODY  app OR email us for more info hello@barazayoga.com

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