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About Us

BARAZA (n.)/bəˈrɑːzə/A meeting place.

Join us for classes in our big, beautiful yoga studio in Santos, Lisbon. Our passionate group of trained teachers have the united intention of providing strong, feel good classes that enable both experienced yogis and beginners to find strength and depth in their practice.

Baraza, the meeting place, is a hub of activity, hosting classes, workshops, and training, opening our doors to teachers from all over the world.

Power Flow by Baraza invites you to play with the practice, to explore your limits, to get stronger, steadier and sweatier.

Walk into any of our 26 classes a week and know you’ll get a work out that’ll raise your vibration.

With our unique teachers united in providing classes that’ll not only get your heart rate up but will also empower you to choose your own fun and funky variations throughout.

Non clique yoga in a fresh & clean space – Santos Lisbon.

We would love to welcome you to our studio ~  feel free to drop into a class, send us a message or just pop in to say hello. 

x Alex & Ruby

*Classes are in English for All Levels.